Importance of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Tutoring

According to Helen Mikayawa, her son came first in his school as a result of his tutor’s passion, excellent communication skills, in-depth knowledge of the subject and his engaging interactive approach to learning. These are all skills that a VCE tutor can pass onto your child. VCE tutors at Edu Kingdom is qualified and has a great history of helping students with their VCE exams. If you think your child should have good marks in VCE exams, then have a look at the Edu Kingdom site.

The Victorian Certificate of Education is issued after the 11th and 12th year of education. It’s quite vital since it is the benchmark for tertiary learning and employment. As such the importance of tutoring cannot be stressed any further.

With the 11th and 12th years of school being the most challenging, VCE tutors come in handy as they help students get a better grasp of subjects being examined and also make deliberate career choices.
“But ah! How do they help with this?”

1. Help students understand their interest’s passion and hone their skills

Tutors play an essential role in helping students understand who they are. What their interests are, their passions and their skills. They also play a vital role by nudging them in the direction of their passion. However, VCE or private tutors are better placed to help students make informed career choices.

The VCE teachers have more contact with the students and as such get a better understanding of who they are, what makes them tick and what drives them. The one on one sessions offers a conducive environment for the tutor to hone the student’s skills and give invaluable advice into career choices.

Make your passion your paycheck is a motto worth living. One never regrets, and every dime earned from this will be worth two from any other hassle. Beyond that, one lives a life of satisfaction. VCE tutors will play a crucial part in ensuring your child enjoys whichever career he chooses and lives a life of happiness. It is because they are perfect examples of what it entails and how chasing after your dreams/passions are fulfilling.

2. Encourage and motivate students to learn

College is all about learning. The downside though is that there is no supervision, and been straight out of high school, gives students a level of freedom that is dangerous.

VCE tutors, however, are in a position to curb this and encourage their students to learn. It is as a result of the relationship forged between a teacher and his student which has proven to be invaluable.

3. Organisation and time-efficiency


The last two years of high school are hectic and at times quite stressful for most students. One has to put quite some effort into his education, co- curricula’s and also make time for family and friends. Couple this with an hour or two a day with your tutor and it can end up being overwhelming for the student.

To cope, one has to improve their organisation and time management which are critical in college.

Excellent organising skills and time efficiency enable students to juggle between work, education, projects, and leisure time. These are skills that can be honed by a VCE tutor.

4. Help students understand the value of networking

The number one and most efficient way to learn what your career entails is through networking. It is also the most productive way to land a job.

The relationship between a VCE tutor and the student puts him in a position to instil the importance of networking and help with it.

Jeffrey Gitomer put it best when he said; “Becoming well known amongst your prospects and connections is the most valuable element in the connection process.”

5. Affirm the value of creating a resume

Sample Resume

Elite universities (due to high competition) admit students with an outstanding record; not only in education but also in co- curricula’s, and work experience.

To stand a chance to be admitted into these universities for your desired career, one has to be beyond outstanding. Your application has to leave a lasting impression.

VCE tutors can help not only education wise but also encouraging your child to take up other activities that assist in creating an impressive record. Could be sports, drama, voluntary work or even music. These simple suggestions go a long way in helping your child build a good resume.

The VCE consists of more than 90 subjects or studies in different fields. A student is expected to complete 24 of these within year 11 and year 12.

Each study consists of 4 units which will be assessed in the two years. Unit one and two can be mixed and matched, but unit 3 and 4 have to be done sequentially. To perform well in the VCE, one has to perform satisfactorily in 16 of the 24 studies or better yet 20.

If the student is not interested in tertiary education, then the satisfactory performance is all that is required. However to advance into a tertiary level, one has to attain an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Ranking), and for this, one has to complete three subjects in any English field and 12 units in any other subjects.

From these, we gather that English is the most important subject. In the VCE at least one English subject is compulsory. Either foundation English, English, English as an additional subject, English language or literature. Other than that, one English unit has to be a unit 3 or 4.

The VCE has some extremely tough subjects that one has to put more effort. For these, a tutor can come in handy. Here are some of the units that past students considered difficult.

  • Specialist maths
  • Physics
  • Chinese
  • English
  • Chemistry
  • English Literature
  • Music
  • History revolutions
  • Biology
  • Health and human development
  • Further
  • VET
  • Methods
  • English Language
  • Geography
  • Economics

However, regarding difficulty, it varies with the student’s capabilities and passion. Your child might be exceedingly good at specialist maths otherwise known as ‘spesh’ but find other simpler subjects to be challenging.

As you can see, passing the VCE has never been easier. A tutor will ensure that your child can handle the toughest subjects in the exam, make good career choices and also pick up some few life skills along the way.

Love counselling: At what stages of life you may need it?

love counsellingProbably the most difficult thing to cope up in life is a disastrous heartbreak! Even some of the most renowned psychologists in the world say that the feeling of lost love, denial or being ditched, can keep a person emotionally misbalanced for the rest of his or her life- if not reinstituted at early stages.

When and why do you need it?

Good relationships make you a healthier and a more productive person. More often than not, it’s said that one should keep professional and personal life apart from each other. However, in reality, no one can actually and completely stop thinking about a broken relationship at the workplace or in an exam hall! Human beings are social creatures, and 99% individuals crave for positive relationships. Research also says that people blessed with satisfying relationships live longer, healthier and happier. There are four factors for a good relationship, that is – Trust, Mindfulness, Mutual Respect and Good Communication. If any of the four pillars of a healthy relationship are shaken, it leaves a gap for breaking even the strongest bonds.
Typically, people find difficulty in coping up with affairs and betrayals, separations and divorces, family issues and other pre- nuptial issues. If you need a permanent closure/ give a new start, therapists are there to rescue you and help you overcome the pain and start all over again with a refreshed or a rebuilt relationship. If you are on the verge of a divorce, then proper guidance and counselling could save your relationship.

How does it help?

couplesAwareness is the key. Very few people actually take love counselling seriously and don’t think it as something that is unrequired. In reality, agreeing to a counselling therapy shows that you care. More often than not, most of us can’t get a solution to all our problems, especially the personal ones, by sitting at home and thinking of all those beautiful and torturous time bestowed to you by your loved ones. For rebooting yourself and entering into the world of happiness, you would need professional help when your relationships turn stale. If you are unable to resolve conflicts anymore, it’s probably the time for love counselling. If such toxic relationship patterns can be agreed and identified at an early stage, you can get positive results within few days. Motivated couples provided with neutral territories can give quality results as well.
Couple counselling is typically a talking therapy that is scientifically and technically designed to help clients understand what can be the effects of keeping, overcoming or breaking a relation. Apart from anything else, everyone knows that relationships can often be stressful and be full of ups and downs. Pre-nuptial counselling can help couples to get aware of their relationship loopholes or terms that can create a mishap in the future.

How can psychologist help?

Perhaps love problems can only be cured with a restored version of a true and positive love. But more often than not, getting out of the problem and giving another chance, is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Ask yourself,-when you are heartbroken, do you feel that you need to talk to someone immediately? – At least, if not all men, then most females think it that way. Psychologists are rather your well-wishers with whom you can talk to without hesitance- as they keep your secrets confidential as well as give you the right advice and care. Some of the signs of a good therapy/ therapist can be:

  • Recognised Training, Experience, Reviews and Credentials of the professional counselling you.
  • Well informed consent with the promise of maintaining secrecy and other legal issues (intake forms should be thoroughly read and you may question your therapist for any clarification if needed).
  • Your counsellor should inform you about therapeutic techniques that he or she may be applying on you.
  • Your therapist should be active in the love counselling community and should provide you with the latest and the best available techniques from the subject.
  • Frequent and healthy communication with the client and being in focus with the subject matter of concern.
  • Personal empathy for the client and not a just therapeutic relationship, yet maintaining true professionalism.
  • And, the most important- you should see the change from the very first day and the progress should steadily improve with every session.
  • Love Bond

    How can you feel better by remaining anonymous?

    In modern times, online therapies can help you connect to a reliable one to one listener or a therapist- while you remain completely anonymous. The online private rooms will help you to stay emotionally fit with the help of trained and volunteered listeners. These trainers can also give you some simple activities which will boost up your mood and help you come out of the distress quite easily.

    However, more than anything else, a person’s will to come out of a grave situation is the most important prerequisite for a successful love counselling. Psychologists can help you show the path, but it is you who would have to walk down this road to reach the ultimate goal – that is, sanity and a stress-free and an emotionally balanced life.

    Accentuate Your Sex Appeal with G-string!

    G-stringG-string or Gee-string is a type of underwear consisting of a small piece of cloth to cover genitals, passes between buttocks and is supported by a band that goes around the hips.
    G-string is often confused with the thong, but the two are different from each other. These are undergarments often worn by women on beaches. They are also popular among dancers who entertain crowds of people in nightclubs. The hot lingerie first came to highlight when women tried to hide visible panty lines while wearing tight dresses. Since then they have become all-time hit underwears among women. According to experts, they are only becoming more and more popular than ever before. But why do you think it is happening? There are special reasons why g-strings are getting more attention. Let us discover them:

    Perfect for a honeymoon

    honeymoon lingerieEvery newly married couple wants to enjoy a perfect honeymoon, and a perfect honeymoon is the one that is romantic, sensual and sexy. G-strings adds that feeling. The tiny lingerie is designed with the minimum amount of cloth to cover just the sex organs and the thin band to hold the cloth reveals your buttocks in the most sensual way. What a fantastic lingerie for the honeymoon!

    Perfect for parties

    This is the era of parties or tight fitting clothes which are gaining more popularity than ever before. Tight dresses are worn for special purposes, and we don’t want to spoil them wearing just anything underneath. Women in the past have always wanted to hide VPL or visible panty lines that could be seen from outside while wearing tight outfits. G-strings have the amazing capability of concealing those unwanted lines giving you sleek and confident looks!

    Ideal for dates

    As per the recent survey, every woman wants to buy a g-string at a certain point of their life. G-strings are the favorite piece of lingerie of dating women because they have this passionate desire to impress their boyfriends. Considering this fact, underwear companies are now producing more g-strings targeted to younger women who like to date.

    Daring and fun

    Gone are old days when g-strings were popular only among strippers. Now is the time when everyone wants to reveal that they have the real sexiness in fun way. It’s exciting to choose your favourite piece from a wide range of stylish g-strings that comes in several colours. You don’t have to worry about back design as it doesn’t have anything to cover the buttocks. If you dare to wear this lingerie, you are bound to have fun.
    fashionable lingerie

    Easy shopping

    Shopping has never been this easy before the advancement of information technology. Like most of the stuff, you can easily buy your favourite piece of g-string by sitting at the comfort of your home. Just think about the size and design, shop it online and it is right at your doorstep. Even if you don’t have the idea about your size and don’t know how to measure it, you can still get it done from professionals of the lingerie store. Get the right fit for you, the one that is neither loose nor tight.

    Comfortable wear

    comfortable lingerieComfort is a must factor for every kind of wear and underwear. If you put on something that doesn’t feel good, it is going to spoil your mood and thus everything you come across. Therefore, it is better to choose a g-string that makes your day a great one. Wearing it in a proper manner is even more important than anything else, and as long as you can carry it well, you can never go wrong with it. If you don’t have any idea about the best g-string available in the market, look for customer reviews on various brands of g-strings. And don’t forget to analyse types and thickness of their material.
    If you have read the reasons of wearing g-string mentioned above, you now know why this sexy lingerie are becoming hit in the market. As explained above, it is becoming popular and ideal for various romantic, erotic and fun purposes. The sexy design is enough for anyone to seduce a partner, whether in bed or outside when worn secretly underneath a party dress. It is so light and comfy that it easily boosts up our mood and confidence. With a suitable g-string, you can easily turn on your partner in bed and start an adventure together. Nothing can be more exciting than that! The good thing is that it is not only for women, but men too. Go and get one online!