Guide To Choosing The Best Engagement Ring

You have found the girl to share your life with, and it is time now to shop for the engagement ring.  This particular shopping is quite unlike any other shopping you have done in the past, or even those that you would do in the future. The complete exercise of buying the choicest engagement ring to getting it on the finger of your fiancé is filled with the lot of passion, emotion and love.  For most men, this could also be their first experience with the wild world of jewellery.  Now you enter the jewellery store with all those fleeting emotions, and you are alone because it is an intimate affair and you don’t want to be swayed by the opinions or judgment of anyone else. After all, your engagement ring is expected to communicate a lot many things to your fiancé and reflect your individuality. Here is a simple guide to help you along the way so that you have all the knowledge needed and no other human breathing down your neck while you choose your choices!

Determine your budget

In determining your budget, remember that the amount of money you spend on the engagement ring is less important. What is more important is how effectively it conveys your personality, thoughts and feelings for your fiancé. More importantly, you should go by your judgment and investment, rather than going by opinions and or what advertisements or the jewellery sales person’s suggestions.  Remember also that creating a massive debt for this purpose and you must distinguish romance and debt.

You should also know that most women would rather start a relationship with a debt-free man then expect him to invest in an expensive piece of rock and be haunted by debt for several years to come. So, if you want to propose to your lady love, there is no need to delay it merely because you cannot afford a more expensive engagement ring.  Once you have established a healthy relationship with your heartthrob, there will be plenty of opportunities to buy a more expensive ring or gift once you save enough money to surprise her.

Should your fiancé accompany you for the shopping?

Well, there is one advantage when your fiancé accompanies you to buy the engagement ring. You can ensure that the ring is to her liking and fits well. But, think of it the other way, after proposing to her, you discretely manage to get her ring size (ask her sister or brother, if other measures fail) and her favourite brand. If she like JG Jewellery and rings, you can do your shopping with that brand. This way, you will be gifting yourself a rarest of rare opportunities to demonstrate how romantic and thoughtful you are. Her facial expression at that all encompassing moment will take you straight to the moon! In moments the members of your girl’s family and her social circle will be talking in hushed tones on how thoughtful a man you are.  Even men around will carry similar feelings about you.

Subtle enquiries help

In some instances, your girl may already have the engagement ring in her possession because it has come down from her ancestors and she won’t change her mind for anything whatsoever. The best thing for you in such a situation is to respect her wishes and keep the surprise element for a later occasion.

Still worried about the ring size

Worried about the ring not fitting when you get down on your knee?  You can put on your thinking cap and use one of the several methods that you don’t face any embarrassment.  The easiest way is to swipe one from her jewellery box when is getting ready and away from sight. Or, you can get one of your fiancé’s friends and request her to carry out the task for you.  This will add to the excitement when that rare moment arrives.

What is her style?

Your ingenuity is your best guide here.  Try to gauge her style during those casual or some regular outings. Does she prefer more of gold or is she tilting towards platinum or silver? You can also check some of the astrology websites to get a reasonable idea of her traits and preferences. Some women are more outgoing and social while some others are cosy and home loving. What is her style?  Should you focus on an understated, simple ring or glitzy bigger variety? Also, think if she is the type who will go around town and show her engagement ring to everyone.  

If you have a fat wallet, you can also think of a diamond engagement ring, but in the ordinary course, the essence of your choice is not the money you spend, and resources available to you, early on in life may be limited for many of us.  That said, there can be no argument on how most women long to possess diamond in multiple formats like a ring, necklace, bracelet etc.  But it is equally true that their priorities in life lie elsewhere till such time they reach a comfortable financial state to acquire this luxury. There are also fewer women who would never want a diamond because of the significant dead investment that comes with it.

Decision making

You can also use a broad range of resources from the digital world to help you examine various options and arrive at a final determination. You can explore multiple designs, the material of construction, prices and all that you would need to know. Take, however, to keep this knowledge with you and not discuss with too many people, since they can potentially cause more confusion.  Go ahead now, and buy the best engagement ring for that special day in your life to win your heartthrob.